Great Sporting Events


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A series about famous characters and occasions in the world of sport

1: The Great Yacht Race from the book of the same name by D. A. RAYNER and Alan Wykes abridged by Alan Wykes

Read by Hugh Dickson

In December 1866 three American millionaires raced their yachts across the Atlantic from New York to Cowes in the first ocean race in yachting history. The stakes totalled $90,000 and the winner made the crossing in under fourteen days.

Series broadcast in Story Time beginning on May 2. 1967

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Unknown: D. A. Rayner

Unknown: Alan Wykes

Abridged By: Alan Wykes

Read By: Hugh Dickson

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selected by Derek Parker

2: The Cricketing Doctor

Some highlights from the career of the most famous cricketer of all. from W. METHVEN BROWNLEE 'S biography of W. G Grace Readers, NORMAN SHELLEY and DENYS HAWTHORNE

Broadcast on May 9. 1967

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Unknown: Derek Parker

Unknown: W. Methven Brownlee

Readers: Norman Shelley

Unknown: Denys Hawthorne

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3: The Peking to Paris Car Race

The story of an astonishing overland race organised by a French newspaper in 1907 from The Mad Motorists by ALLEN ANDREWS


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Unknown: Allen Andrews

Read By: Richard Hurndall

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4: First Four Minutes

An account of the training and events which led to Roger Bannister's breaking of the mile record from First Four Minutes by ROGER BANNISTER


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Unknown: Roger Bannister

Read By: David Spenser

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A series about famous characters and occasions in the world of sport selected by Derek Parker

5: The Cresta Run abridged from

LORD BRABAZON of TARA'S autobiography The Brubuzon Story

The Cresta Run at St. Moritz is about six feet wide and about three-quarters of a mile long. It has an average gradient of one in seven, with bits as steep as one in two. It is solid ice from start to finish.


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Unknown: Derek Parker

Read By: Carleton Hobbs

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6: The Flight of Alcock and Brown taken from the book of the same name by GRAHAM WALLACE

This is an account of the first non-stop Atlantic air flight in 1919. Read by JOHN GLEN

Broadcast on June 6. 1967

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Unknown: Graham Wallace

Read By: John Glen

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7: Show-Jumping

PAT SMYTHE 'S own account of her rise to fame as one of the world's greatest show-jumpers.

Abridged from her own book Jump for Joy


Broadcast on June 13. 1967

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Unknown: Pat Smythe

Read By: Olive Gregg

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8: The Stanley Matthews Story

From school team to Cup Final: DENIS GOACHER reads from STANLEY MATTHEWS'S autobiography which recounts some of the greatest moments in football.

Broadcast on June 20, 1967

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The last in the series about famous characters and occasions in the world of sport selected by Derek Parker 9: The Olympic Games

The story of the greatest sporting event of all from its beginnings in Ancient Greece to the present day.

Abridged from Highlights of the Olympics by JOHN DURRANT


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Unknown: Derek Parker

Unknown: John Durrant

Read By: John Graham