Greek And Latin Voices - Augustine [Essay]

Augustine is extraordinarily important to Western culture.

Coming to maturity as the Roman Empire fell apart, he straddled two worlds.

He wrote prolifically in beautiful Latin prose, launched the self-exploring psychology of western humanity and, at the same time, defined the concept of Original Sin.


01Maria Wyke: The Education Of A Latinist20080114

Augustine's penetratingly modern ideas about the teaching of classics to children.


An examination of the influence Augustine had on the Christian church, with reflections by Dr Rowan Williams, the present Archbishop of Canterbury.

03Professor Gillian Clark: What Augustine Didn't Say20080116

She explores the doctrine of the Just War, the idea that sex is sinful and the famous plea of 'give me chastity but not yet'.

04 LAST20080117

One of Augustine's most respected biographers, Dr James J O'Donnell, puts Augustine's life in context.