Greek And Latin Voices - Plato

Series exploring the life, work and teaching method of the Athenian philosopher Plato.



Chris Pelling, Professor of Greek at the University of Oxford, focuses on the way in which Plato's great 'mouthpiece', Socrates, is associated with a method of inquiry and a way of life rather than any particular creed or doctrine.

What exactly is 'Socratic dialogue' and how central is it to the work of Plato and to our understanding of his philosophy?


MM McCabe, Professor of Ancient Philosophy at King's College, London, explores the question: 'What is knowledge?'.


Chris Emlyn-Jones, Senior Lecturer in Classical Studies at The Open University, explores Plato's idea of philosophy as a drama in which characters reveal emotion as well as intellectual conflict.

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Moral philosopher Mary Warnock, possibly best known for chairing inquiries into special education and human fertilisation, examines how Plato's conception of the world was very different from our own, and how his view shaped his ideas.