The Grey Man And Other Lost Legends [Drama]


DRAMA2020041420210401 (R4)A strange craft crash lands on a mountain, with seismic effects. By Sebastian Baczkiewicz.

Drama from BBC Radio 4

A strange craft crash lands into the UK's second highest peak. The mayday signal is picked up by amateur radio enthusiast and conspiracy theorist Fergus McGregor whose special interest is the Great Grey Man.

Sometimes referred to as Scotland's yeti, stories of the Grey Man have been reported by hikers and mountaineers on Ben Mcdhui as far back as the Victorian era. Fergus sets out to find the craft with far-reaching consequences.

Sebastian Baczkiewicz weaves interviews about Scotland's yeti into an innovative audio drama. Featuring interviews with residents and visitors in the Cairngorms National Park.

With special thanks to Angus Upton.

Weatherall …. Laura Elphinstone
Fergus McGregor... Brian Vernel
Councillor Boyne … Rachel Handshaw

Written by Sebastian Baczkiewicz

Sound Design by Steve Bond
Executive Producer Jeremy Mortimer
Produced by Joby Waldman
Directed by Steve Bond and Joby Waldman
A Reduced Listening production for BBC Radio 4.

Weatherall …. Laura Elphinstone
Fergus McGregor Brian Vernel
Councillor Boyne … Rachel Handshaw