SP2004052920091219 (BBC7)Victorian thriller based on the legendary police dog Bobby and his master John Gray.

Stars Crawford Logan and Paul Young.

By Ronald Frame Greyfriars Bobby's master, John Gray served as an Edinburgh policeman for several years and like other officers on the beat at the time he had to provide his own police dog.

In this new adventure specially written for radio, Ronald Frame follows the fortunes of John Gray and his dog, Bobby.

With petty thieves at work in the High Street and a gang of ruthless house breakers at work in both the Old and New Town area of the city, the new recruits have their work cut out.

Bobby....Crawford Logan Jocki (John Gray)....Paul Young Aeneas Cauirncross....Kenny Blyth Bridie....Gayanne Potter Lachlan Cairncross....Simon Tait Sergeant Mitchell....Iain Agnew McCrae....Steve McNicholl Lady Cairncross....Vivienne Dixon Produced and directed by David Ian Neville