Grief Tales From The Bench


Genome: [r4 Bd=19690227]

by Henry Cecil

Andrew Cruickshank as Judge Cecil , in thirteen cases from his London County Court-Fact or Fiction?

7: The Limit with guest star Irene Handl as Mrs. Main: 'Well, I wasn'actually spying on him, as they do on us, but one of our rooms does overlook their utility room and I just happened to see him packing the case with boots and shoes, not with china and glass as he maintains.'

But for the endless legal squabble between neighbours, Mr. Justice Broadbent would have been able to retire three years ago.

Produced by H. B. FORTUIN

Broadcast on Jan. 28, 1968 (Radio 2)

Genome: [r4 Bd=19690227]

Unknown: Henry Cecil

Unknown: Andrew Cruickshank

Unknown: Judge Cecil

Unknown: Irene Handl

Unknown: Mr. Justice Broadbent

Produced By: H. B. Fortuin

Rufus Catchpole, a millionaire: John Wyse

His Counsel: Ronald Herdman

Andrew Mellows, Counsel for Mrs Main: Lockwood West

Mr Justice Broadbent: Andrew Cruickshank

Mr Trumpington: Victor Lucas

George Brent, his Counsel: Haydn Jones

Lord Chief Justice: Ralph Truman

Clerk of the Court: Frank Henderson