20110518A personal celebration of the hugely charismatic violin teacher, Frederick Grinke - perhaps the single most influential figure in 20th century British string playing

Before Fiona Sampson became a poet and Editor of Poetry Review, she was a foundation scholar at the Royal Academy of Music and almost became a professional violinist.

Like many other top fiddle players of her generation - the leaders of the Alberni, Arditti, Coull, Fairfield and Earle Quartets to name but a few - she was taught by Frederick Grinke, known and loved as a teacher long after ill-health stopped him performing.

A hundred years on from Grinke's birth, Fiona Sampson recalls her own experience of this special teacher-pupil relationship, and explores how one great teacher can produce an artistic genealogy which transmits musical understanding down the generations.

Producer: Beaty Rubens.

Fiona Sampson with a personal tribute to influential violin teacher Frederick Grinke.