Growing Pains [Reading]

Series of new stories dealing with child and parent relationships from unexpected angles.


01From Sydney With Love20070122

By Gill Edwards, read by Joanna David.

A mother mourns the loss of her only child to a gap year, and wishes that she had not called her daughter Sydney.

02The Loft Room20070123

Written And Read By Paul Dodgson.

A father and son fail to communicate until it is too late.

03The Footstool20070124

By Zita Adamson

A former Greenham Common protester creates havoc in her retirement home, leaving her daughter to pick up the pieces.

Read by Jacqueline Tong


By Linda Ruhemann, read by Richard Mitchley.

A father tries to communicate with his grown-up daughter about the past when she was persuaded to have an abortion, and her inability to have children in the present.

05 LASTMock Turtle20070126

By Tracy Alexander, read by Katharine Rogers.

A redundant housewife and mother seeks solace in her local supermarket.