Guitar Greats - Joe Walsh


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Introduced by Alexis Korner

For Joe Walsh. playing guitar was an escape from the confines of his classical music training. Like his mentor

Pete Townshend , he developed a style that combined rhythm and lead playing in order to work within the structure of a three-piece band.

With the James Gang. later on his own, and then as a member of the Eagles, Walsh has maintained an exciting and explorative approach to both his writing and playing.


Written and produced by STUAHT GRUNDY

Guitar Greats by John Tobler and Stuart Grundy , price 16.95.

Genome: [r1 Bd=19830327]

Introduced By: Alexis Korner

Unknown: Joe Walsh.

Unknown: Pete Townshend

Unknown: James Gang.

Produced By: Stuaht Grundy

Unknown: John Tobler

Unknown: Stuart Grundy

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Presented by Alexis Korner

Written and produced by STUART GRUNDY <Rpl)

Genome: [r1 Bd=19830702]

Presented By: Alexis Korner

Produced By: Stuart Grundy