Gurinder - The Indian Sequel



Radio 4 is on the road! We're off to Goa with British film director Gurinder Chadha, who's a special guest at India's biggest and most colourful film festival, in Goa.

Her movies - Bend It Like Beckham, Bride And Prejudice, Bhaji on the Beach - are big hits in India.

For millions of Indians, her portrayal of life for British Asians is the most realistic view they've had of their diasporic counterparts in the UK.

Not only have her films changed our notion of what 'British' means by putting the Asian community firmly in the mainstream consciousness, but the way that Indian audiences respond to her films also tells us something about the changing relationship between India and the UK, and the Indian diaspora who live here.

As a twice migrant herself, she brings elements of Indian, Kenyan, and British themes to her work - a fusion of cinematic methods and subject matter.

In the glamorous setting of the flamboyant Goan film festival, we'll discover how huge Gurinder is there, and talk to Indian cinemagoers, directors, actors, and movie buffs about the larger than life director, her films, and how, whilst they're clad in their designer labels in a country that's a new world power, they see the British Asian community as endearingly old fashioned.

The producer is Lucy Greenwell, and this is a Just Radio production for BBC Radio 4.

Radio 4 joins director Gurinder Chadha in India to explore her huge popularity there.