by Frances Poet

Stranger danger. How do you parent in a world that has lost its innocence? Can you trust your gut? For Lucy one possible incident infects her marriage, her family and her sanity.

Lucy ..... Jeany Spark
Rory ..... Joseph Kloska
Morven ..... Jessica Turner
Joshua ..... Elizabeth Poet
Strangers ..... Neil McCaul, Will Kirk, Greg Jones

Director: David Hunter

Department of Information Safety soundtrack Crown Copyright The British Film Institute.


LUCY and RORY return from their first night away from their young son, JOSHUA, to celebrate their anniversary. RORY’s mother, MORVEN, who has been babysitting casually reveals that she let a stranger take the newly potty trained JOSHUA to the toilet while she waited in a busy cafeteria queue. For MORVEN it’s an afterthought but for LUCY and RORY this revelation is a bomb shell - what might this stranger have done to their son? When JOSHUA bites another kid at soft-play the following day their concern intensifies. But their journey to discover whether JOSHUA has been harmed, ultimately involving the police, begins to cause fractures in the triangle of relationships between LUCY, RORY and MORVEN, leaving LUCY increasingly isolated in her anxiety. All strangers seem threatening now and LUCY begins to believe only she can keep JOSHUA safe.

GUT is a psychological thriller about the difficulties facing today’s generation of increasingly isolated parents. Raised by Baby Boomers in trusted communities with an air of “benign neglect” Today’s parents have lived to see the cost of their parents’ choices. But how do you parent in a world that has lost its innocence and who is the greater threat to our children’s wellbeing - the faceless stranger or the parent who’ll stop at nothing to keep their child safe?

Drama from BBC Radio 4