Guy Garvey - Recording Dad


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Guy Garvey spent a decade recording his dad’s stories and now he wants you to do the same.

When Elbow singer Guy Garvey began to record his father Don's anecdotes, he already knew a lot of the stories he was capturing. What he didn't know was his father's childhood memories, his thoughts and feelings, the characters of long-gone family members, the stories which were much more touching and personal - or, as Guy describes it, 'the tales without a punchline'.

Once he got his dad talking, a wealth of new stories emerged which helped Guy form a deeper bond with his dad and painted a vivid picture of a child in wartime Manchester. When Don died in March 2018, Guy realised how precious these recordings were - not just to him but also to his siblings and future generations of his family.

Now he’s on a mission to encourage others to record their parents before it's too late.

With contributions from Professor Catherine Loveday of the University of Westminster, BBC Technical Producer Sue Stonestreet, Paddy O’Connell and, of course, Mr Donald Garvey and his son Guy.

A Snoball production for BBC Radio 4

Guy Garvey spent a decade recording his dad's stories and now he wants you to do the same.