Guy Garvey's Finest Hour



Mr Guy Garvey, Elbow's frontman, regales you with showbiz anecdotes and musical gems old and new. He's also been described as the thinking woman's crumpet! So as far as I can see there's something for everybody in tonight's show.


Guy Garvey celebrates Phil Collin's voice and other musical wonders.


Elbow frontman Guy Garvey brings his own unique taste to 6 Music.

Guy brings us a unique insight into the life of a rock star on tour, as he encounters coffee, fruit and biscuits while at TV station CBS and amnesia at Boston's The Paradise Club.

There's on tour banter with his band mates, as they fly from the UK to the States and play in New York then Boston.

Beckapedia makes an appearance and gives us the low down on Billie Holiday's Autumn In New York.

There's thrills spills and bellyaches in today's show.

Music comes from the likes of Emma Tricca, Rufus Wainwright, Alt-J, Chet Baker and Donna Summer.

Mike Joyce Sits In20120506

for Guy this week and gets into 6 Music's Spoken Work Month with tracks from Quentin Crisp and Jack Underwood.

Plus music from The Smiths, Pins, Broken Records and T Rex.