H.m.s. 'resolution '


[R4 BD=19690507]
Resolution, Britain's first nuclear submarine armed with the Polaris missile, now worked up and fully operational, has already completed her first patrol.

Recently DAVID WOODWARD went to sea in her for several days, and recorded her Captain and some of her officers and members of the crew talking about their life and work during the two months they spent under the sea. The programme also deals with what is virtually a small town built at Faslane on the Clyde to provide a base for the new vessels.

Introduced by the First Sea Lord,

Admiral Sir Michael Le Fanu G.C.B., D.S.C. who explains how the part played by Resolution and her three sister submarines fits into the tasks of the Navy as a whole


Written and produced by DAVID WOODWARD

[R4 BD=19690507]
Unknown: David Woodward

Unknown: Sir Michael Le Fanu

Narrator: Lockwood West

Produced By: David Woodward