Hackney, That Rose-red Empire

Neil Pearson reads Iain Sinclair's account of the chequered history and inhabitants of Hackney in East London and his own life there.


01London Fields20090216

The cement pearly king and queen and an assailant with an egg.

02Mare Street *20090217

The cult of the cyclist and the history of the Town Hall.

03The Triangle *20090218

How Jayne Mansfield came to Hackney - together with half the world's paparazzi - and the philosophy of arch-criminal Tony Lambrianou, stout defender of the Kray brothers.


The story of Joe Kerr, head of Critical and Historical Studies at the Royal College of Art and a Hackney bus driver.

05 LASTHackney Brook20090220

Iain attempts to locate the lost river of Hackney and in so doing finds himself on the set of EastEnders, by way of the Olympic construction site.