The Half Widow. Part 2 [Drama]


20210721It's August 2019. The Indian government has revoked Kashmir's special status and the region is now under curfew and communications blackout. Zameera just wants a normal life, and for her son to go to medical school in Mumbai, but they are both caught up in events beyond their control. And Zameera is given a terrible choice. By Avin Shah.

Zameera....Mita Rahman

Yusuf.....Narinda Samra

Javed.....Gavi Singh Chera

Aaliyah.....Aysha Kala

Sergeant Patel.....Emilio Doorgasingh

Gashe.....Avin Shah

Gravedigger.....Ronny Jhutti

Directed by Emma Harding

Sound design by Alison Craig

Production co-ordination by Maggie Olgiati

Zameera is forced to make a terrible choice. Drama set in the Kashmir crisis of 2019.

Drama from BBC Radio 4