Hamish And Dougal - You'll Have Had Your Tea


0201The Vampire Of The Glen20110916 (BBC7)

The Scotsmen dig a suspicious a hole for a coffin-shaped wardrobe.

Stars Barry Cryer and Graeme Garden.

From February 2004.

0203The Fitness Club

0204The Poison Pen Letters20110227 (BBC7)

The elderly Scotsmen investigate who's been snitching with green ink.

Stars Barry Cryer and Graeme Garden.

Stars Barry Cryer.

0205The Monster In The Loch20110306 (BBC7)

Whilst out fishing, the elderly Scotsmen have a monstrous encounter.

Stars Barry Cryer, Graeme Garden and Alison Steadman.

Stars Barry Cryer.

0206 LASTTrapped20110313 (BBC7)

The elderly Scotsmen's first visit to London ends in chaos.

Stars Barry Cryer, Graeme Garden, Alison Steadman and Jeremy Hardy.

Stars Barry Cryer.