Hancock's Half Century

Hancock Anniversary Special

To celeberate the 50th anniversary of the first episode of Hancock's Half Hour, Hancock fan and former Radio 1 stalwart, Adrian Juste interviewed Ray Galton and Alan Simpson at the Radio Academy a few weeks ago.

It is a very entertaining and informative interview, and a great opportunity to hear those revered writers talking about how the programme was created and their working relationship with Tony.

You can also hear:

Turns of the Century: Tony Hancock;

Hancock's Half Hour: The Election Candidate [19580325]

H-H-Happy Birthday Hancock (19990511];

plus the winning Hancock's Half Hour episode in BBC 7 Listeners' poll.


20070512 (BBC7)
20070513 (BBC7)
Hancock Anniversary Special20041030 (BBC7)
20041031 (BBC7)
A BBC7 special presented by Adrian Juste - marking the 50th anniversary of the first ever broadcast of Hancock's Half Hour.
Hancock Anniversary Specialadrian Juste Celebrates More Than 50 Years Of The Lad Himself On Air. Featuring Robert Cushman On The Essential Hancock In Turns Of The Century; Hancock's Half Hour20070512 (BBC7)
20070513 (BBC7)
The Election Candidate (a BBC Treasure Hunt recovery); and Happy Birthday Hancock with Andrew Sachs.

Plus BBC 7 presents The Radio Academy 50th-anniversary Hancock tribute as Adrian interviews writers Galton & Simpson. And hear the winning episode of a BBC 7 listeners' poll to find their favourite edition of Hancock's Half Hour.