Hans Werner Henze (b 1926)


01Early Works, Germany20050620Donald Macleod talks to Hans Werner Henze about his early life in Germany during the Nazi era, and his difficult journey towards becoming a composer.

Chamber Concerto, Op 1 (extract)

Matthias Perl (flute)

Christopher Tainton (piano)

NDR Symphony Orchestra

Peter Ruzicka (conductor)

3rd Symphony (extract)BERLINer Philharmoniker

Henze (conductor)

Boulevard Solitude (extract)

Elena Vassilieva (soprano)

Jerome Pruett (tenor)

Orchestra des Rencontres Nusicales

Ivan Anguelov (conductor)

9th Symphony (extract)BERLIN Philharmonic

Ingo Metzmacher (conductor)

Ode an den Westwind

Siegfried Palm (cello)

Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra.

02The Warm South20050621Having decided to move to Italy, Henze described the day he drove south and crossed the frontier as the happiest day of his life.

Donald Macleod explores Henze's first taste of Italy, and is joined by the composer to discuss the way his new-found expressive richness and lyricism was received by the avant garde at Darmstadt.

Five Neapolitan Songs - No 4: Amaie nu ninno cu sudore e stiente

Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau (baritone)BERLIN Philharmonic Orchestra Instrumentalists

Richard Kraus (conductor)

La selva incantata

NDR Sinfonieorchester

Peter Ruzicka (conductor)

Nachtstücke und Arien

Michaela Kaune (soprano)

The Bassarids (excerpt)

Pentheus....Kostas Paskalis

Chor der Wiener Staatsoper

Wiener Philharmoniker

Christoph von Dohnanyi (conductor).

031967 And After20050622Henze became deeply involved in the unrest of the late sixties, his music also becoming politically radical.

His search for answers to how music could be truly revolutionary took him to Cuba, and led him to dedicate his oratorio Raft of the Medusa to Che Guevara.

Donald Macleod explores this tumultuous period in the composer's life and work.

Voices - The Distant Drum

Gudrun Pelker (mezzo soprano)

Musikfabrik NRW

Johannes Kalitzke (conductor)

Raft of the Medusa (extract)

Edda Moser (soprano)

Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau (baritone)

NDR Chorus

RIAS Chamber Choir

Members of the St Nikolai Boys' Choir

NDR Symphony Orchestra


Henze (conductor)

Memories from Cimarrón

Leo Brouwer (guitar)

Voices: Para aconsejar a una dama

Orpheus behind the Wire

BBC Singers

John Alldis (conductor).

04Ideals Of Beauty, Visible From A Great Distance20050623Henze has refused to reject the music of the past - instead he has drawn on it, whether reworking a Monteverdi opera for a modern audience, or revisiting traditional models in his operas and symphonies.

Donald Macleod looks at three works in which Henze confronts his musical heritage.

Il ritorno d'Ulisse in patria (excerpt)

Alejandro Ramirez (tenor)

Thomas Allen (baritone)


Henze (conductor)

The ENGLISH Cat (extract)

Minette....Louisa Kennedy

Tom....Ian Platt

Peter....Julian Pike

Parnassus Orchestra LONDON

Markus Stenz (conductor)

Symphony No 7


Simon Rattle (conductor).

05 LASTRecent Works20050624Hans Werner Henze joins Donald Macleod to look back over his career, and discuss some of his recent works.

Adagio, Adagio

Nash Ensemble

Scorribanda sinfonica

NDR Sinfonieorchester

Peter Ruzicka (conductor)

Requiem (extract)

Ensemble Modern

Ingo Metzmacher (conductor)

Six Arabian Songs, No 3: Sunrise and No 6: Paradise

Ian Bostridge (tenor)

Julius Drake (piano)

The Hoopoe and the Triumph of Filial Love: The Twilight Hour

Vienna Philharmonic

Marcus Stenz (conductor).