Hard Boiled Eggs And Nuts


AD20120928by Colin Hough.

Glasgow 1906. Theatre manager Arthur Jefferson is training his sixteen year old son in all aspects of front-of-house. But young Stanley hankers for a life on the stage. His father, a former actor, knows of the perils and is vehemently against his son following in his footsteps. The boy has an ally, however, in his mother Madge. Stanley secretly secures a spot at rival theatre, the Panopticon. His first professional job is not an immediate success and the notoriously rough crowd are initially hostile towards the boy. What he doesn't know is that his father is in the front row and by the time he exits the stage, the career of comedy legend Stan Laurel has been born.

Stan's song was composed by Eoin Millar and the pianist was David McGuinness

Producer/Director - Gaynor Macfarlane.