Daniel Mays stars as PC Sam Jenkins, an armed officer sent to intercept a known criminal whom Police Intelligence has reported is on his way to shoot an arch rival.

The interception involves a highly risky operation known as a Hard Stop involving four police cars boxing in a speeding vehicle forcing it to stop before apprehending or neutralizing its occupants.

Having forced two young men off the road Jenkins imagines he sees the passenger reach for a gun and shoots him four times with his rifle. Though a weapon is discovered inside the car it appears that it is unloaded and in effect harmless. The Prosecution and Defence now are faced with the task of arguing whether a Hard Stop was the right tactic deployed.

Daniel Mays - PC Sam Jenkins

Andrea Lowe - Jane Tucker

John McAndrew - David Fenton QC

Baba Oyedije - Dennis Alam

Ron Cook - DI Quigley

Robert Blythe - Professor Moore

Peter Bleksley - Inspector Martin

Sanchia McCormack - Court Usher

Khali Best - Herol Jackson

Chetna Pandya - Judge

Peter Bleksley - Writer

Eoin O'Callaghan - Director

Gemma McMullan - Producer.