A Hard Tmeto Bea Father


Genome: [r4 Bd=19951109]"Fay Weldon 's comic satire is set in the casualty department of a city hospital. A man is treated for couvade - a custom of the South Sea Islands whereby the father of a newborn child is cared for as if he were physically affected. with Jenny Funnell. John Telfer ,

Clarence Smith , Christian Rodska , Cornelius Garrett and Jessica Jones-Bemey. Music by Andy Price Director Shaun MacLoughlin"

Genome: [r4 Bd=19951109] Unknown: Fay Weldon

Unknown: Jenny Funnell.

Unknown: John Telfer

Unknown: Clarence Smith

Unknown: Christian Rodska

Unknown: Cornelius Garrett

Unknown: Jessica Jones-Bemey

Music By: Andy Price

Director: Shaun MacLoughlin

The young man: Robert Glenister

Nurse: Hilary MacLean

Delia: Carolyn Backhouse

Triage nurse: Janet Dale

Caring woman: June Barrie

Mrs Oliphant: Phyllida Nash