The Harder They Fall

Sitcom set in a legal practice.


0101Send In The Clowns2007042120070422

Much to the amusement of his peers, Duncan decides to represent a maligned circus clown. But a disastrous visit to the Big Top results in Neville getting savaged by a lion, and the unexplained disappearance of their client.

0102The Quality Of Mercy20070428

Duncan is stunned when a hospital reports him to the Law Society for improper conduct. His First instinct is naturally to shift blame onto his hapless assistant but it's Neville's birthday, so can Duncan follow Persephone's advice and actually be nice to Neville for a whole day?

0103Take Your Partners2007050520070506

When Persephone challenges Duncan to find a date for the law Society Ball, he's hard pressed to oblige but on discovering that Neville, too, is without a partner, Duncan is presented with a highly irregular solution to his problem.

0104Hair Of The Dog20070512

Sindy and Persephone are sworn to secrecy when Neville tries to hide a stray Alsatian in the office. As a result, Monty is convinced that there's a wolf on the loose, and Duncan is convinced he'd going bald.

0105A Finger In Every Pie2007051920070520

When a client finds an unwelcome ingredient in a savoury product, Duncan looks forward to a big-money claim.

His good fortune is short-lived though when he is confronted by an old adversary and to make matters worse, Neville has managed to lose the vital evidence.

0106 LASTBetter Late Than Never2007052620070527

When Persephone hires a top PR firm to visit Parsons, Parrish and Pizzle, Duncan is keen to make a good impression, but as his day progresses, one crisis after another seems to hamper his plans. Could this be the worst day of his life?