Harold Pinter Festival


Genome: [r4 Bd=19701026]The Servant

HAROLD PINTER 'S screenplay from the novel by ROBIN MAUGHAM adapted for radio by GUY VAESEN ' I'm all alone - at the moment - and so I'll be needing a manservant, you see. I have seen a few chaps, but they didn'seem very suitable to me. somehow. What - you've had experience at this - kind of work? '

Produced by GUY VAESEN

(Donald Pleasence is in ' Tea Party' and 'The Basement' at the Duchess Theatre. London) (Getting The Servant to work on Radio: p 4. See also Radio 3, Thursday. 10.0 pm)


Unknown: Harold Pinter

Novel By: Robin Maugham

Unknown: Guy Vaesen

Produced By: Donald Pleasence

Tony: Julian Holloway

Barrett: Donald Pleasence

Susan: Rosalind Shanks

Vera: Gillian McCann

Woman: Sonia Fraser

Lady Mountset: Margot Boyd

Second woman: Margot Boyd

Lord Mountset: Peter Tuddenham

Man in pub: Peter Tuddenham

Genome:|[r4 Bd=19690929]The Caretaker

Ten years ago Harold Pinter wrote the play which was to disturb the approach of nearly all contemporary dramatic writers in their attitude towards the characters they were to 'create. Conventional plots, characters and their stagey dialogue which had been accepted as ' modern theatre ' were jettisoned for a more truthful understanding of people and depth of perception which were revolutionary

The Caretaker ran at the Duchess Theatre. London, for over a year and ensuing productions brought acclaim and awards from nearly every country in the world. Frequently hilarious, suddenly moving, insidiously menacing, this great play is now given a new production to herald this festival of Pinter's works with Produced by GUY VAESEN

(Bill Fraser is a member of the Royal Shakespeare Co)

Genome:|[r4 Bd=19690929] Unknown: Harold Pinter

Unknown: Bill Fraser

Davies: Bill Fraser

Aston: Michael Harbour

Mick: Nigel Anthony

Genome:|[r4 Bd=19691112]Night School

This short play, previously broadcast in 1966, from an earlier television script, shows us Harold Pinter in a very lighthearted mood, despite the wistful sadness of its strange love story. It is rich in amusing situations and its characters are highly diverting - in particular there are two delightful old Aunts striving to conceal from their nephew that in his absence they have let his room to a young schoolteacher.

Produced by GUY VAESEN

Genome:|[r4 Bd=19691112] Unknown: Harold Pinter

Produced By: Guy Vaesen

Annie: Mary O'Farrell

Walter: John Hollis

Milly: Sylvia Coleridge

Sally: Prunella Scales

SOltO: Sydney Tafler

Tully: Preston Lockwood

Barbara :: Barbara Mitchell

Mavis: Carol Marsh