Harold Pinter Festival


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The Servant

HAROLD PINTER 'S screenplay from the novel by ROBIN MAUGHAM adapted for radio by GUY VAESEN ' I'm all alone - at the moment - and so I'll be needing a manservant, you see. I have seen a few chaps, but they didn'seem very suitable to me. somehow. What - you've had experience at this - kind of work? '

Produced by GUY VAESEN

(Donald Pleasence is in ' Tea Party' and 'The Basement' at the Duchess Theatre. London) (Getting The Servant to work on Radio: p 4. See also Radio 3, Thursday. 10.0 pm)


Unknown: Harold Pinter

Novel By: Robin Maugham

Unknown: Guy Vaesen

Produced By: Donald Pleasence

Tony: Julian Holloway

Barrett: Donald Pleasence

Susan: Rosalind Shanks

Vera: Gillian McCann

Woman: Sonia Fraser

Lady Mountset: Margot Boyd

Second woman: Margot Boyd

Lord Mountset: Peter Tuddenham

Man in pub: Peter Tuddenham