Harri-parris' Radio Show, The [Radio Wales]


0101The Visitor2015081520161013 (BBC7)
20160108 (RW)

Anni tries to stop cultures clashing when her indie musician boyfriend Ben meets her eccentric farming family.

0102West End Boys2015082220161020 (BBC7)
20160115 (RW)

Ifan plots to split Anni from Ben, roping her ex-boyfriends into a scheme at Rumourz. Llinos Mai's sitcom with songs. From August 2015.

Ifan plots to split Anni from Ben, roping her ex-boyfriends into a scheme at Rumourz, west Wales's premier nightspot.

0103 LASTThe Leaving Do2015082920161027 (BBC7)
20160122 (RW)

Mami and Deiniol throw a surprise engagement party for Anni and Ben, who may have other less popular plans.

0201Valentine's Day2016102820161231 (RW)

A sitcom with songs. Mami and Deiniol take over Anni's plan for a romantic meal, plus Ifan forces Ben to help him a seedy scheme.

0202Stags And Hens2016110420170107 (RW)

A sitcom with songs. Think of the worst hen do ever. Double it. Still not there yet. And the stag do is even worse. Anni is on a far-from-magical mystery tour, while poor Ben is stuck in a tent in the woods, with Ifan set on playing pranks.

0203 LASTThe Big Day2016111120170114 (RW)

Anni and Ben's wedding is left in chaos when they have to relocate it to the farm, where mothers-in-law are not seeing eye to eye and there's eleven tons of cow dung to shift.

A sitcom with songs.

0301Llanllai Agricultural Show20171013

Mami may be vice president, but that does not stop Ifan and Deiniol from causing chaos.

0302Vote For Me20171020

Anni and Ifan become bitter rivals in the election for the village committee.

0303 LASTThe Minister From Maenclochog20171027

The new minister visits the family one night and is far from happy or clappy.

XMAS2017The Nativity20171222

Deiniol and the family take the lead roles in the annual village nativity.