Harry And The Angels


AP20100602A very personal story about death, love and friendship.

Award winning writer Bernard Kops guides us through London's East End in an impressionistic, idiosyncratic journey of lost love, kite flying, angels and tube station tragedy.

Harry - Stephen Greif

Leonard - Bernard Kops

Mr Todd / Copper - Harry Myers

Phoebe - Louise Brealey

Young Harry / Actor - Alan Morrissey

Nun / Mother / Woman - Christine Kavanagh

Director - David Hunter

Following on from his critically acclaimed Afternoon Play 'Whitechapel Dreams', veteran playwright Bernard Kops returns with a deeply personal and highly moving story in which he himself plays Leonard, visiting his old friend, Harry, for the final time.

He's also the narrator of the piece, inside and outside the action; following the main events in the life and death of East End Harry, from his early, idyllic love affair with young Phoebe, sadly curtailed, through his success as an auctioneer and a crucial act of bitterness against Leonard to his dying day in a Mare Street hospice.

Bernard Kops' moving story about death, love and friendship in London's East End.