Harvest In Gallions Reach


Genome:|[r4 Bd=19680321]An account of the sinking in the Thames of the paddle-wheel steamer Princess Alice on September 3, 1878, which resulted in the death of 770 of the passengers and crew

Based on official documents, newspaper reports, and survtvors' stories

Written by G. NOUIL-GODDEN Narrator, ALEC MANGO with Arthur Bush , Alan Lawrance

John Hollis , Humphrey Morton

Nigel Clayton. Kenneth McClellan Patrick Westwood. Jonathan Scott Anthony Woodruff , Daphne Jonasun and Gudrun Ure

Produced by Maurice Brown

Anthony Woodruff is in ' Number 10 ' at the Strand Theatre. London

See page 52

Genome:|[r4 Bd=19680321] Written By: G. Nouil-Godden

Unknown: Arthur Bush

Unknown: Alan Lawrance

Unknown: John Hollis

Unknown: Humphrey Morton

Unknown: Nigel Clayton.

Unknown: Kenneth McClellan

Unknown: Patrick Westwood.

Unknown: Jonathan Scott

Unknown: Anthony Woodruff

Unknown: Daphne Jonasun

Unknown: Gudrun Ure

Produced By: Maurice Brown

Produced By: Anthony Woodruff