Hat Trick!

3 plays with a cricketing theme.


01Taking Us Up To Lunch19910702199208093 plays with a cricketing theme.

'When a sporting hero assaults a venerated broadcaster on the air it is not 'nowt'!' An incident in the commentary box cannot be ignored.


Peter Jeffrey (Actor)

Terence Edmond (Actor)

Bryan Pringle (Actor)

Mark Wing-Davey (Actor)

Peter Gibbs (Author)

Jane Morgan (Producer)

Recorded on 1991-04-17.

02The Ashes1991070319920906The captain of the England team is going to be a father, but Louise is not his wife...


Ronald Herdman (Actor)

Stephen Tompkinson (Actor)

Fraser Kerr (Actor)

David Sinclair (Actor)

Joanna Myers (Actor)

Karen Archer (Actor)

Robin Weaver (Actor)

Sue Townsend (Author)

Ned Chaillet (Producer)

Brian Johnston (Speaker)

Peter Barker (Speaker)

Recorded on 1991-04-13.

03 LASTI Always Take Long Walks1991070419920906Judi Dench, playing the wife of a man addicted to cricket, shares with us her private thoughts. Written by Peter Tinniswood, produced by John Tydeman

Recorded on 1991-06-05.