The Haunted Hotel [Saturday Drama]


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"Murder mystery by Wilkie Collins, set in London and Venice.

The Haunted Hotel by Wilkie Collins; dramatised by Rod Beacham.

Wilkie Collins' gothic horror tale is a powerful combination of ghost story and detective mystery. In 1860, the formidable Countess Narona marries a rich young aristocrat in London - but shortly after travelling to Venice her husband dies, apparently of natural causes, leaving the Countess a rich woman. Years later, guests in a Venetian hotel encounter the terrifying apparition of a murder victim seeking revenge.

Producer/director: Bruce Young.

Henry Westwick....HARRY LLOYD

Agnes Lockwood....JASMINE HYDE

Countess Narona....ADJOA ANDOH

Francis Westwick....SIMON BUBB

Suzannah Westwick....KATHERINE IGOE

Emily Ferrari....ALEX RIVERS


Doctor Wybrow....GERARD McDERMOTT

Carstairs....JAMES LAILEY

Doctor Bruno....ROD BEACHAM

Other parts played by the cast.

Dramatised by Rod Beacham.

Director: Bruce Young.

Radio 4 drama