Haunted Road, The


05 LAST20150306

A second body is recovered, and Burden finally discovers what fate befell Klara.

"Nothing goes away in this world any more. Nothing gets lost. If you don't want a record of it, then don't do it."

When police camera operator Leslie Burden receives a call from a colleague concerning the disappearance of a young Polish woman, he uses his surveillance expertise to help track sightings of the missing woman, unaware he is being drawn into a web of murder and revenge even he doesn't see coming.

With David Caves (Silent Witness) and Niamh McGrady (The Fall, Holby City).

Eoin McNamee won the Imison Award for his debut radio drama, 'The Road Wife', which he followed with 'No Trampy Immigrants', an episode of From Fact to Fiction: 'Heroes', and most recently 'North of Riga'. A novelist and screenwriter, Eoin's novels include 'Resurrection Man' (which he adapted for film), 'The Blue Tango', 'The Ultras', '12:23' and 'Orchid Blue'. He also writes thrillers under the pseudonym John Creed.

Writer - Eoin McNamee

Producer - Heather Larmour.