SUNPGreat Expectations1998081619991219In just a few sentences of `Great Expectations', Charles Dickens sketches in the bare bones of a history for the character of Miss Havisham, the old woman who sits in a shuttered old house in her soiled bridal dress, as she has done since the day she was jilted many years before.Ronald Frame's play asks how she got to be in that state.
  • Emma Currie (isabella)
  • Emma Fielding (catherine)
  • Joanna Tope (lady chadwyck)
  • Liam Brennan (compeyson)
  • Michael Perceval-maxwell (arthur)
  • by....Ronald Frame
  • director: Patrick Rayner
  • gregor powrie (william)
  • james bryce (mr havisham)
  • noreen leighton (marianne)