The Kungsbacka Trio plays Haydn's Piano Trio in a performance recorded at the Queen's Hall during The 2002 Edinburgh International Festival.


A performance of two Haydn quartets given by the Royal String Quartet during the BBC Symphony Orchestra's 2007 Gubaidulina Composer Weekend.

Haydn: String Quartet No 3 in G minor, Op 74 (The Rider); String Quartet No 1 in G, Op 77

Genome:|[r4 Bd=19671119]

Piano Sonata in E major

Haydn Society No. 31 played by ARTUR BALSAM gramophone record

Genome:|[r4 Bd=19671119]

Played By: Artur Balsam

Genome:|[r4 Bd=19680826]

H. C. ROBBINS LANDON , the expert on Haydn, discusses with JOHN AMIS one man's enthusiasm for editing, recording, and performing Haydn

Genome:|[r4 Bd=19680826]

Unknown: H. C. Robbins Landon

Unknown: John Amis