The Heart Of Hark'un


0120170904 (BBC7)

A menacing assignment awaits student sorcerer Arcos.

The Great Wizard sends student sorcerer Arcos on a mission, little realising how perilous and menacing it will prove to be...

A fantasy-adventure by Peter Thomson and Jamie Thomson in six parts.

Starring Francis Thomson as Arcos, Trevor Peacock as Kaddah, Elizabeth Whiting as Vanna, Crawford Logan as Shazir, Edward Kelsey as Bereneth, Melanie Hudson as Va, Emma Fielding as Alviza, Robert Portal as Zander, John Church as Kishah and Theresa Streatfeild as Rashiq.

Producer: Peter Hutchings

First broadcast on BBC Radio 5 in 1991.

0220170905 (BBC7)

Novice sorcerer Arcos is appalled by Kaddah's behaviour, and Alviza is attacked mentally.

0320170906 (BBC7)

Shaznir calls on the power of the Deadlands, while Arcos meets a strange Brotherhood.

0420170907 (BBC7)

One word is the key to the Grimoire. But is Arcos able to harness its magical power?

0520170908 (BBC7)

Young novice sorcerer Arcos learns an unpalatable truth about his father from Kaddah.