The Hearts And Lives Of Men


19961024Written and narrated by Fay Weldon. A fairy-tale for grown-ups set in London's swinging sixties in which love triumphs over lust, and goodwill over satanic forces.

1: Nell is conceived during a night of white-hot passion and born as sweet as any girl-child in a novel by Dickens. Director Shaun MacLoughlin

19961031A five-part adaptation of Fay Weidon 's novel, written and narrated by the author. 2: Angie. the evi! and outrageous South African heiress, persuades Helen that if she wants to keep Clifford she'!! havetohaveatermination. Director Shaun MacLough !!n
19961107Written and narrated by Fay Weldon in five parts. 3: Clifford decides to kidnap Nell, but his plans go wrong and she goes missing. Director Shaun MacLoughlin
19961114A five-part adaptation of Fay Weldon 's novel, written and narrated by the author. 4: Nell is missing, presumed dead. But her mother hasn't give up hope. Director Shaun MacLoughlin
19961121Last in the five-part series, written and narrated by Fay Weldon.

5: The good are rewarded and the bad are punished. Director Shaun MacLoughlin