The Hendersons' Christmas Party


01Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer20031222By Alexandra Campbell.

12-year-old Holly is convinced that this will be her last Christmas before her dad elopes with his fancy woman.

02O Come All Ye Faithful20031223"by Alexandra Campbell.

Light-hearted and entertaining series of inter-related stories set in five different households at Christmas culminating in the high point of sleepy Parson's Gussett's calendar, the Hendersons' Christmas Party.

Thank goodness Christmas comes but once a year.

Susannah is determined to make this a Christmas her husband and her mother-in-law will never forget."

03Silent Night20031224"Her partner having recently traded her in for a younger model, Emma returns home to spend Christmas with the family."
04God Rest You Merry Gentlemen20031225"Maddie has it all worked out.

Her perfect family Christmas is organised down to the very last detail.

Then her mother burns down her house, her husband gets drunk at the office party and comes home late, Valerie arrives and causes quite a stir and the children behave like all teenagers should.

And despite her best intentions, Maddie has forgotten the turkey.

Mrs Henderson's Christmas party comes not a moment too soon as at last she realises that happiness comes in many different guises.

Maddie....Jan Ravens Paul....Roger Allam Valerie....Jane Whittenshaw Mum....Elisabeth Kelly Ellie....Ella Vize Mrs Henderson....Ann Reid

/ 4/5.

God Rest You Merry Gentlemen: Maddie's party is organised down to the last detail.

But she doesn't account for the antics of her family."

05It's A Wonderful Time Of Year20031226Mrs Henderson's Boxing Day party has proved an eventful experience for many of her guests.