Henry Experiment, The



Anna is forced to question if her own problems have made her obsess about Henry.

A mother (Emma Fielding) fears that a child parenting expert (Matthew Marsh) is endangering his own 7 year old son Henry by testing out his theories of early independence on him.

Anna has been forced to question whether her own problems with empty nest syndrome and with the way she was raised have made her over-obsess about Professor Henderson's son. But she finally meets Henry's mother Nancy and is horrified to hear that Henderson and Henry are missing.

A thriller which asks whether our society bubble wraps children, whether we have the right to interfere in other people's children's lives and how we become parents with the spectres of our own childhoods still looming over our shoulders.

Based on a novel by the journalist Sophie Radice who contributes to The Guardian, The Observer, The Independent and many magazines. Adapted for radio by award winning writer Charlotte Jones who has written extensively for TV, theatre and radio. Her most celebrated play "Humble Boy has played all over the world, she wrote the book for Andrew Lloyd Webber's stage musical of "The Woman in White" and most recently ITV aired her three part thriller "Without you".

Producer... Liz Webb.