Henry Moore, My Father



On the occasion of an important exhibition of Henry Moore's early sculpture at Tate Britain, Moore's daughter, Mary, refreshes our view of the life and work of Britain's foremost 20th-century sculptor.

Contributors include Antony Gormley, Anthony Caro, Richard Wentworth and Penelope Curtis, the newly-appointed Director of Tate Britain.

Mary takes listeners on a tour of the Moore's home at Hoglands in Hertfordshire, a small house crammed with extraordinary carvings and paintings from all over the world.

Being Moore's only child, life for Mary was never going to be totally straightforward.

Hoglands was besieged by people wanting to talk to her father and take photographs of the family having tea in the garden.

Art students, including Gormley, Caro and Wentworth, 'popped up'.

'My father was an extremely generous man who had time for anyone curious about art, unless of course he was watching the tennis,' Mary says.

The Henry Moore Foundation was formed in the last years of Moore's life and it stands as the most important supporter for sculpture in Britain.

Henry Moore's daughter on the life and work of Britain's foremost 20th-century sculptor.