Heroes And Villains

Series in which historical characters are irreverently reappraised.


Genome: [r1 Bd=19830101]

Tony Blackburn and John

Peel introduce the Radio 1 15th birthday concert recorded at the Odeon, Hammersmith, London, featuring:

Cliff Bennett , Dave Berry, The Rockln' Berries, Sandy Shaw ,

Chris Andrews , The Merseybeats, The Swinging Bluejeans,

Nashville Teens, Malcolm Roberts , Chris Farlowe

Junior Campbell , Wayne Fontana , The Troggs, Billy Fury, Dave Dee , Dozy, Beaky. Mick and Tlch, Carl Wayne

Genome: [r1 Bd=19830101]

Unknown: Cliff Bennett

Unknown: Dave Berry

Unknown: Sandy Shaw

Unknown: Chris Andrews

Unknown: Malcolm Roberts

Unknown: Chris Farlowe

Unknown: Junior Campbell

Unknown: Wayne Fontana

Unknown: Billy Fury.

Unknown: Dave Dee

Unknown: Carl Wayne

0101Alexander The Great And Attila The Hun20030111

Terry Jones challenges the accepted wisdom on Alexander the Great and Attila the Hun.

0102George Washington And Eve20030118

Bonnie Greer challenges the accepted wisdom on George Washington and Eve, mother of the entire human race.

0103Lady Macbeth And Joan Of Arc20030125

Matthew Parris challenges the accepted wisdom on Lady Macbeth and Joan of Arc.