The Hidden Reservoir



Author Carlo Gebler believes Northern Ireland is sitting on a hidden reservoir of pain.

50 years on from the onset of the Troubles, estimates suggest around a quarter of the population continues to be affected by the psychological trauma of the conflict.

No political agreement has been reached on how to deal with the legacy of the violence - yet for many victims and survivors, members of the security forces, individuals, families and even ex-combatants - the past is something which can’t just be left behind.

As a teacher of creative writing in some of Northern Ireland’s toughest prisons, Carlo Gebler witnessed first hand the transformative role the arts can play in enabling positive change. Now Carlo looks at the numerous arts based initiatives, schemes and individual projects aimed at promoting peace-building and reconciliation in Northern Ireland - and asks they’re helping to heal a society still in pain - or simply perpetuating bitter memories.

Producer: Conor Garrett

Carlo Gebler on the role of the arts in healing and reconciliation in Northern Ireland.