19930801Rogan Taylor takes the spiritual pulse of Britain, exploring the alternatives to the established churches. 1: There's a lot of it about! Across-section of people describe how they became dissatisfied with the church of their birth and discovered their own sacred path. Producer Nick Patrick
19930808The Green Goddess. In the second of four programmes, Rogan Taylor hears that some of the decline of institutional religion may be put down to the failure of the established church to address two issues: the environment and feminism. Producer Nick Patrick
19930815Body and Soul. In the third of four programmes, Rogan Taylor asks why our churches aren't bursting at the seams. Producer Nick Patrick
19930822Onward Christian Soldiers? In the final programme of Rogan Taylor 's series, he examines the surprising range of religious activity within the established church, and leading bishops offer their prognosis for the future of the faith. Producer Nick Patrick