High Contrast

Jo Morris compares and contrasts two lives.



An exploration of how people are affected by extremely stressful situations, like being trapped aboard a plane, or trapped in a snow hole with no foreseeable hope of rescue.

Genome: [r1 Bd=20090126]

Sitting in for Rob da Bank.

Genome: [r1 Bd=20090413]

The Welsh DJ covers for Rob da Bank.

01The Egg And The Olive - Losing It20010601

Ian Balch had been an amnesiac for several years when he found an old roll of photos which became the key to his past as an artist. Judith was destined to be a world-class opera singer, but fell into the hands of a svengali and lost her singing voice forever.

02Don't Fence Me In20010608

War correspondent Anthony Loyd travels again and again into the land of the dead.

What lies behind his addiction to forbidden knowledge? Meanwhile, Rosemary and Tony are living in a leafy, barbed-wire compound in Zimbabwe, and they want out.

03 LASTNo Kindness Forgotten. No Transgression Forgiven20010615

Sam Fussell got sucked into the world of competitive body building, and began injecting steroids. In search of a simple solution to life's complexity, he forgot to ask questions. Salman Hassam found an answer to crippling depression by immersing himself in freezing water.