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Adam Hart-davis with fascinating scientific stories.


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Asix-part series exploring the popular side of science.

1: Across the Edge of TimeJohn Gribbin traverses the universe, falls into a black hole, and travels at the speed of light in a bid to find out if time travel is just a science fiction writer's flight of fancy. Producer Louise Dalziel

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A six-part series exploring the popular side of science. 2: A Load of Old Bones

Philip Holdsworth pieces together archaeological evidence to take a snapshot of bygone days. Producer Louise Dalziel

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3: The Shocking History of Phosphorus

Under the microscope is a poisonous element that was once responsible for a grotesque bone disease. Written by John Emsley.

Narrated by Michael Elder. Producer Louise Dalziel

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4: Intimate Relations

Chris Arme charts the epic journeys made by some of his favourite animals as he exposes the exotic world of parasites.

Producer Louise Dalziel

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5: The Rhythm of Life

Fiona Selkirk investigates what makes life tick as she analyses the biological clocks that mark time in the natural world.

Producer Louise Dalziel

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The last programme of the series.

Beyond the Doors of Perception

The parapsychologists at Edinburgh University open their minds to the possibility of psychic communication as they make scientific studies of paranormal phenomena. Narrated by Michael Elder.

Producer Louise Dalziel

0101The Eddystone Highlights20010314

He tells the story of the four towers which have stood on the Eddystone reef and ensured the safety of seafarers for over 100 years.

0102Making Something Of Nothing20010321

He provides a biography of the zero and the dawning of the idea that there is always something in nothing.

0103The Big Sleep20010328

He hears the latest ideas about what goes on when animals shut down for winter hibernation, and how this work is impacting upon medicine.

0104The Humble Aspirin20010404

A new slant on the story of the discovery of aspirin, one of the best-selling drugs of all time, plus a look at emerging evidence that the drug may hold more surprises in store.

0105With The Brain As My Compass20010411

He looks into the latest discoveries about how some animals manage to travel huge distances with astonishing accuracy.

0106 LASTLord Kelvin's Bedspring20010418

He looks at the history and future of foam, which was invented by a blind Belgian scientist and his wife in the 1870s and which is now being used for everything from collecting stardust to tickling taste buds.