High Street Closures



With the recent collapse of several top retail brands, Jenny Chryss reports on the behind-the-scenes battles to save some of the High Street's best known names. And she examines the knock-on effects on other businesses. Why does the law allow some creditors to get back millions of pounds, while others will get nothing?

The programme hears from angry workers in one chain who say they were kept in the dark about the state the company was in. It also talks to the owners of one small family business which is owed hundreds of thousands of pounds. They describe how they had to wind up their company because of the debts they've been left with.

The Government has now ordered an inquiry into the demise of one of the major retailers, but how much information will be made public ?

And, with more retailers facing a losing battle against the internet, and more closures expected, experts warn of severe implications for the wider British economy.

Producer: Emma Forde

Reporter: Jenny Chryss.