Higher, Rebrand, Relaunch [Drama]


20110823"Higher: Ep 3 Rebrand, Relaunch by Joyce Bryant

To Jim's dismay Roland becomes Vice Chancellor and image consultants 'Harsover Tutt' are brought in to rebrand the university. Jim feels he's being forced out. Will he find an ally in Karen?

Karen....Sophie Thompson

Jim....Jonathan Keeble

Roland....Lloyd Peters

Dame Sheila....Brigit Forsyth

Clive....Malcolm Reaburn

Radio Announcer....Luke Jerdy

Producer Gary Brown

In the subsequent fall out from the University's dealings with a discredited African Dictator, it is decided to rebrand and relaunch the University. The first thing to do is sack the Vice Chancellor and ease Roland Chubb in. This makes Jim's position very tenuous, but Roland determines to get him out. He sneakily offers Karen the Deanship - is this the end of Jim Blunt?

Starring Sophie Thompson and Jonathan Keeble.

Joyce Bryant's satire of university life. Will Vice Chancellor Roland force Jim out?"