Higher, Restructure [Drama]


20110816"Higher: Episode 2 Restructure by Joyce Bryant

The Vice Chancellor wants to restructure three departments into two, so one of the Deans is for the chop. Jim Blunt is determined it is not going to be him. But he hasn't reckoned on the Dean of Arts, baby faced killer Roland Keith Chubb.

Jim....Jonathan Keeble

Karen....Sophie Thompson

David....Jeremy Swift

President....Cyril Nri

VC....Russell Dixon

Roland....Lloyd Peters

Lara....Melissa Jane Sinden

Torturer....Hamilton Berstock

Producer Gary Brown

The Vice Chancellor has to restructure the faculties of Arts, Humanities and Performing Arts into two faculties. This means "Scoping synergies using robust but flexible procedures so that they can maintain a missionary posture". In other words - someone's for the chop.

Meanwhile in Epithea David is preparing to launch his Centre for Pier and Wharf ethics. But the President keeps on mentioning 'Baksheesh'.

Starring Sophie Thompson, Jonathan Keeble and Jeremy Swift.

Joyce Bryant's satire of university life. One of the Deans is for the chop."