by Jeff Young

A quirky and darkly comic drama - inspired by a true story - about life in the ghetto aka Highgate, North London.

Joe Lives in Highgate but is originally from Liverpool, he's married with a six year old daughter, Megan.

Megan is Joe's best friend, well his only friend really.

When Joe's daughter chalks on the pavement it creates near war with the chairman of the resident's committee, Mervin Dawson, and Joe.

JOE - Conrad Nelson

Suzanne....Sophie Thompson

MEGAN....Lauren Mote

MERVYN....Malcolm Raeburn

MARSHA....Maggie Fox

POSTMAN....Greg Wood

COP....Dermot Daly



Joe's started to receive disturbing newsletters from a neighbour he's never met - A Mr.

Mervyn Dawson.

The letters tell of a crime wave sweeping the neighbourhood, of marauding gangs of thieves, of the urgent need for CCTV cameras at either end of the street.

Mervin wants to create his own police to defeat the invading forces of hooliganism.

No one is safe.

Joe looks around him at the leafy suburban idyll and searches hard for hooligans.

There are none.

His wife -Megan's mum, has got distracted, she is determined to find a way into Highgate society - that is to take as many classes as possible - and the ultimate is to play netball for Highgate Ladies.

She's currently a reserve for the reserves.

All the adults seem to spiral into fanatical madness so thank heavens for six year old Megan - chief peace maker, and the only sane person around.

The writer:- Jeff Young

Jeff Young's (Writer) work includes over 20 plays, radio essays and drama documentaries for Resonance FM, BBC Radio 3 and 4.

Jeff previously worked with Pete Townshend on the BBC Radio 3 adaptation of Lifehouse.

'Carandiru' recorded in a Sao Paulo prison was nominated for a Sony and he has been nominated for Prix Italia and Prix Europa awards.

Other radio plays include Red Rock Grey Rock - R4 , The Hunt for Billy Casper - R4.

The Don- R3.

He has written thirty odd stage plays and music theatre pieces for Liverpool Everyman, Unity, Northern Stage, Kneehigh, Bristol Old Vic and many other theatres.

A quirky and darkly comic drama by Jeff Young about life in Highgate, north London.