Himmler's Boy [Drama On 3]


20041024Himmler's Boy

A new play by Adam Thorpe, one of our leading contemporary writers.

In 1931, in Vienna's Kunsthistorisches Museum, art history student Klaus Bessel meets and falls in love with the clever and vivacious Anya Goldberger. But Anya is a Polish Jew, and in a few short years Klaus will be a member of

a special SS unit, personally charged by Reichsführer Himmler to plunder occupied Poland of its priceless art.

Klaus....Thomas Arnold

Anya....Lesley Hart

Liesl....Vicki Liddelle

Himmler....Richard Greenwood

Schaefer....Paul Young

Muhlmann....Michael Perceval-Maxwell

Aunt Maryla....Joanna Tope

Directed by Patrick Rayner.