Hip-hop's Laughing Stock


20200921Joe Jacobs is a failing rapper trying to make a career as a stand-up comedian.

Straight out of Finchley, Joe spent a decade attempting to build a recording career as a hip-hop MC. But by his own admission he was never taken too seriously. Now he’s trying to turn the tables - instead of being the butt of other people’s jokes he is hoping to direct the laughs himself. His ambition is to succeed in stand-up, where he failed in rap - and get a gig on television.

Can he go from being a comedic rapper, to a stand-up comedian who raps?

In this documentary he meets other artists who bridge the worlds of rap and comedy. He hears about hip hop's humorous roots from Open Mic Eagle, understands the world of rap battles with Lunar C and Jaz Kahina and meets one of the least likely success stories in viral rap videos, Dan Bull.

Mix Engineer: Steve Urquhart
Producer: James Trice
Executive Producer: Joby Waldman

Commissioned as part of the Multitrack Audio Producers Fellowship

A Reduced Listening production for BBC Radio 4