A History Of Ghosts


Ancient Ghosts2020101920210910 (R4)Illustration by Seonaid Mackay

'When was the first time a human felt haunted?'

Kirsty Logan travels back to the world’s earliest civilisations to uncover where tales of ghosts first emerged.

From the earliest evidence of belief in an afterlife, seen in decorated bones in early grave sites, to Ancient Egyptian letters to the dead, and predatory Chindi unleashed to wreak deadly vengeance in the snowy wastes of North America, Kirsty tells the tales of the spirits that haunted our most ancient forebears, and became the common ancestor for ghost stories across all of human history.

Kirsty Logan explores the evolution of ghost lore.

So Shall You Be2020102020210917 (R4)Illustration by Seonaid Mackay

'There once was a man who died. He was flesh and bone when he went into the ground. And flesh and bone when he came back out of it.'

Kirsty Logan delves into tales of the revenant, a terrifying, malevolent ghost that haunted medieval England, and was anything but spectral.

She traces the origins of revenant stories to a violent entity that terrified even the fiercest of Viking warriors, discovers how the way you lived your life would determine if you would be accepted into heaven, or have the very earth would spit you out, and how the development of purgatory in Christian belief changed how people thought of ghosts forever.

Kirsty Logan tells us the tale of the medieval revenant, a ghost made of flesh and bone.

Kirsty Logan explores the evolution of Ghost Lore.