The History Of Titus Groan, Titus Alive


06 LAST20110814"by Mervyn Peake and Maeve Gilmore, dramatised by Brian Sibley

Episode Six 'Titus Alive'

Titus attracts attention from the strange but alluring Cheeta, and ultimately becomes the victim of a torturous joke. Rescued by old friends but unable to bear their company any longer, he stumbles into a world uncannily like our own - and is drawn to a mysterious artist, whose presence may at last grant him peace.

Titus...Luke Treadaway

Artist...David Warner

Cheeta...Morven Christie

Muzzlehatch...Gerard Murphy

Juno...Maureen Beattie

Anchor... James Lailey

Acreblade...Alun Raglan

Scientist...Peter Polycarpou

Gertrude... Miranda Richardson

Prunesquallor... James Fleet

With Elaine Claxton, Jonathan Forbes, Gerard McDermott, Susie Ridell, Alex Tregear

Music by Roger Goula

Sound production by Peter Ringrose

Directed and produced by Jeremy Mortimer.

Titus attracts attention from the strange but alluring Cheeta."

06 LAST20110820